Our Key Differentiators

Key Odoo ERP Services company in India

  • Recognizing the business challenges your organization faces, we are adept at implementing robust and dependable Odoo ERP software solutions to streamline your entire business or a specialized business domain.
  • Technians offers industry-best business practices through cutting-edge technology to give our clients the growth they deserve.
  • With a legacy of nearly 25 years, our services have made a global footprint, catering to clients across different countries and continents, solidifying our position as industry leaders.
  • Utilizing our extensive professional experience and unmatched technical proficiency, we work with our customers to attain efficient and cost-effective business solutions within the Odoo ecosystem.
  • Driven by our team of tech-savvy professionals, we offer our services to a diverse clientele, serving both emerging start-ups and established enterprises.
  • We take pride in serving thousands of satisfied customers, contributing to the success of numerous projects.
  • Our strategies enable our clients to quickly catapult their business to a new level overnight.
  • High-grade Coding Protocols
  • Unparalleled Functional Proficiency in Odoo Modules
  • Superior Quality of Outputs
  • Fast-paced Succession and Skill


Utilizing our profound knowledge and extensive experience in multiple framework technologies, we provide distinguished services and tailored solutions spanning various industry verticals.


Safeguarding the excellence of our deliverables and services is our commitment. We firmly believe that delivering quality is crucial for nurturing exceptional customer relationships.


Our brand's credibility is reinforced by our timely deliveries. We strictly follow the timeline and adjust the workflow according to the plan, fostering a solid belief in a logical relationship.

Your Trusted Odoo ERP Implementation Partner for Business

Technians prioritizes delivering customer-centric Odoo implementations that are tailored to your business objectives. Leveraging our cutting-edge infrastructure and dedicated delivery center in Gurugram, we guarantee a smooth and efficient Odoo implementation process. With its robust technical underpinnings, Odoo’s framework is renowned for its exceptional scalability and user-friendly design. The comprehensive integration of Odoo Apps facilitates seamless automation of business processes, driving a significant enhancement in overall operational efficiency.

  • Our process includes an in-depth understanding and analysis of your business model.
  • Our proficiency involves developing and putting into operation a range of Odoo tools, such as CRM, Accounting, Sales, Point of Sale, Email Marketing, Purchase, and Project Management.
  • We specialize in delivering online, centralized software solutions to elevate your business performance.
  • Our expertise lies in delivering support and maintenance services, performing necessary assessments, configuring businesses, and developing robust platforms.
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