Easy-to-Use Point of Sale Software.

Straightforward Installation and Easy-to-Use Odoo POS.

Drive Revenue Growth with Multi-Outlet Retail Expansion.

Embrace the potential of technology to drive your business to greater heights. Odoo Point of Sale caters to your business requirements and ensures precise outcomes. Seeking experts to provide the momentum your business requires? Technians boasts extensive expertise and experience in guiding your adoption of Odoo Point of Sale. Secure optimized business growth with Odoo POS.

Superior Odoo POS Software Solution for Your Business Requirements.

Odoo’s Point of Sale operates on a smart interface, providing unparalleled adaptability. Configure Odoo POS effortlessly to cater to your specific requirements. Seamlessly integrated with diverse Odoo solutions, such as accounting, ensuring simple and reliable payment processes. Effortlessly handle your product sales with Odoo Point of Sale. Access everything your business needs with Odoo POS.

Getting You One Step Nearer to Your Customers

Maintain customer engagement and reinforce brand loyalty through diverse loyalty programs. Easily locate customers and products using Odoo POS built-in search functionalities. Enhance customer interaction by incorporating smart advertisements, showcasing products, upcoming events, and business hours on bills and receipts. Keep customers updated on your business activities.

Streamlined Inventory Management Integration.

Effortlessly monitor procurements in real-time and ensure precise forecasts with Odoo POS. Seamlessly integrated with Odoo Inventory and Odoo eCommerce, Odoo Point of Sale eliminates the need to switch between multiple apps. Odoo POS is a multi-channel business solution, enabling real-time visibility of product availability. Receive automatic transaction updates from Odoo POS on the Odoo Inventory app. Streamline your sales and transactions seamlessly.

Seamless Product Management Techniques

Facilitate sales with current Units of Measure and maintain updated stock levels. Organize your product display through structured product categories. Empower customers with seamless shopping experiences using the Search and Filter option. Leveraging the built-in capabilities of Odoo Point of Sale can elevate your sales to new heights and bolster your revenue streams.

Salient Points of Odoo Point of Sale.

  • Holistic Integration with Other Platforms.
  • Smooth Operation with Other Hardware.
  • Handling Multiple Orders Simultaneously.
  • Personalized Payment Gateway Options.
  • Immediate Deployment for Rapid Selling.

Expand Your Sales Reach Across Multiple Locations.

A dependable Odoo POS facilitates product sales even in the presence of unstable internet connections. Set up your store swiftly with an internet connection and utilize your POS from any location, at any time. Odoo's POS functions seamlessly without the internet following the initial installation process, enabling stress-free product sales.

Major Reasons to Choose Technians for POS Implementation

As a certified Partner of Odoo, Technians oversee the implementation process, proficiently handling the migration of data and documents from your existing system to the new Odoo infrastructure. Renowned for our successful project history, we differentiate ourselves from competitors through the expertise of our adept coding team, ensuring a seamless implementation process. By comprehensively understanding your business needs, Technians provide a resilient Odoo POS, fostering significant business expansion.

Your Selling Approach Matters!

Reach New Heights with Odoo Point of Sale!

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