Easily Manage Time Off for All Personnel
Effectively Coordinate Employee Leaves without Disrupting Productivity through Odoo Timeoff Software
Govern Employee Breaks

Supervise the Utilization of Vacation Days by Employees. Enable Easy Request Management for Employees and Simplified Approval Process for Managers, All with a Few Clicks. Ensure Automatic Updates to Each Employee’s Schedule.

A Unified Platform Provides Managers with a Holistic Overview of Their Team’s Leave Schedule, Ensuring Organized Teams and Smooth Task Distribution During the Absence of Team Members.

Enhanced Workplace Supervision through Odoo Timeoff App

Simplify Leave Request Management by Approving or Declining Employee Applications. Empower Employees to Document Their Leave Requests and Receive Email Alerts for New Submissions. Include Explanatory Notes for Rejections and Establish Direct Communication Channels with Employees.

Advanced Reporting for Preparedness

A Simple reporting tool. Get reports in just a click for each leave request, with information per request type, department, employee and even for the entire organization. View statistics on each leave and plan for the upcoming task to ensure you maintain productivity at the highest level.