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Selecting the relevant components of the system and aligning them to meet specific business requirements is pivotal for ensuring a seamless business flow. At Technians, we undertake the task of selecting the appropriate Odoo ERP modules that best suit your business needs, alleviating your burden. These modules are designed to ensure scalability, flexibility, and feasibility for your business’s expansion.

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Leading Odoo Configuration Assistance

Odoo Configuration Support

Configuration involves more than merely tweaking system parameters. Regular maintenance and updates of the ERP system are vital for a successful ERP implementation. Technians provides top-notch customer care services 24/7. Our skilled technical team caters to your business requirements and offers the most effective business approach.

The Significance of Odoo ERP Configuration

The first configuration of the ERP system will never be enough to meet all of your business demands. Many reasons, such as new company strategy, profit and growth, mergers and acquisitions, and new end-users, necessitate the need to modify your ERP system. Restructuring and designing your ERP system improves productivity and user experience. These elements have an impact on how you utilise your ERP system.

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Optimize your revenue attribution with efficient ERP configuration using Odoo.

Drive Revenue Attribution through Customized ERP Configuration Leveraging Odoo's Capabilities.

  • A function can be activated, deactivated, or made optional.
  • Select a single flow that meets the specified condition using XOR mode.
  • With OR mode, the configuration supports optional activities or flow, encompassing all, none, or some of the activities
  • AND mode dictates mandatory parallel flows within the configuration.

Why Opt for Technians for Odoo Configuration?

Configuration of an ERP system is a crucial aspect of the Odoo Implementation since it configures all of the software settings to meet your business demands. Technians, an Odoo partner, configures your ERP system to recognise income based on specified criteria such as regional unit or goods line.

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