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Design Engaging Customer E-mails in Simple Steps

Effectively reach your target audience with the Odoo E-mail Marketing app’s automated message delivery. Technians facilitates customer interaction through a robust, affordable marketing tool designed to distribute business notifications. Our experienced team will provide comprehensive support during the setup of the Odoo E-mail Marketing app, enabling efficient campaign management, organization, and report generation for your email communications.

Boost customer interaction via Odoo's E-mail Marketing app

No technical expertise needed for impactful E-mail campaigns that connect with your audience. Take full charge of your E-mail content and design with this easy-to-use software tool.

Don’t want to design newsletters from scratch? Choose from a range of available templates, customize your message and images, and get ready to roll out your new campaign.

Effortlessly choose and place building blocks on your E-mail. Add engaging titles, effective call-to-action buttons, and social media links or footers easily.

Efficiently sort your database entries.

Improve open and click rates with targeted database segmentation. Send personalized E-mails to specific groups within your contacts and elevate your marketing strategy.

Adaptable to all screen types

Benefit from an adaptable content layout that automatically adjusts to the screen resolution of any device, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop PC. The dynamic nature of the display ensures that your email newsletters are consistently presented in a visually appealing and easily accessible manner, regardless of the screen type.

Optimize your advertising efforts

Empower your marketing efforts with detailed insights on audience behavior, preferences, and interaction patterns, helping you craft more personalized and effective E-mail communications that resonate with your subscribers and drive higher conversions.

Monitor your links

Utilize the advanced Odoo Link Tracker tool to embed tracking codes within the links integrated into your E-mail campaigns. This facilitates comprehensive monitoring and analysis of the performance of every individual campaign, allowing you to gain valuable insights into the click-through rates, user engagement, and overall effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Analyze marketing effectiveness

With Odoo CRM, track leads and analyze conversion rates and campaign revenue. Leverage advanced filters for more comprehensive insights.

Modernized features

Obtain complete oversight of all facets of your E-mail marketing strategies.

Why Technians is great for Odoo E-mail Marketing App

Technians, an authorized Odoo partner, provides diverse software solutions to elevate your business operations and performance.

By integrating Odoo E-mail Marketing, Technians aids in setting up, executing, and assessing E-mail marketing campaigns seamlessly. Leveraging the rich features of Odoo’s E-mail marketing app, you can efficiently oversee and evaluate the delivery status of your messages without any complications.

Incorporate the Odoo E-mail Marketing App to maximize the potential of the service.

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