Transition to a paperless company with Odoo Documents.
Embrace a digital-first approach with Odoo Documents Management Software.
Implement paperless workflow management through Odoo Documents.

Streamlining documentation leads to enhanced business productivity. Odoo Document Management serves as an effective tool for any organization dealing with a diverse array of documents. At Technians, we facilitate the creation of new documents, storage of critical files, management of recorded data, and convenient retrieval and protection of documents using Odoo Documents Software. Our meticulously structured Odoo Documents implementation will swiftly transition your company into a paperless environment.

Embrace a paperless strategy for your business.

Effortlessly share, send, categorize, and archive scanned documents using Odoo Documents. Additionally, create business documents, including vendor bills, tasks, and product sheets for manufacturing, quickly and efficiently.

Maintain a smooth workflow for your operations.

Ensure that all tasks are assigned to the appropriate individual at the designated time, using a fully integrated approval, control, and validation center that monitors activities, incorporates chat functionality, and follows action rules.

Connect seamlessly with other Odoo Apps

Seamlessly integrate documents with other Odoo Apps. Track every version of plans and worksheets using PLM, generate vendor bills instantly with the support of AI in Accounting, or create and assign tasks from specific documents.

Achieve more in a shorter time frame.

Access everything you need instantly with Odoo Documents. Monitor all your files, maintain impeccable organization, and store them securely in one location.

Enhanced security for your email gateway.

Utilize an email gateway to automatically generate bills from a scanned document or directly from your vendor's email.

Facilitate e-Signatures for streamlined operations.

Save time by avoiding the need to print and scan documents for signatures. Assign documents to the appropriate person, obtain e-signatures, and automatically send them back.

Effortless collaboration with your team and clients.

Assign or transfer documents to your colleagues, customers, or vendors. Collaborate with your clients by sharing files and public folders, enabling them to import documents directly.

Bulk document processing

Request approvals, modify folders, tag and assign files in bulk to save time, rather than processing them one by one.

Why choose Technians for your Odoo Document Management System needs?

Technians, as an Official Odoo partner, provides a diverse array of Odoo apps to ensure the seamless and efficient operation of your business.

Technians facilitates seamless sharing, collaboration, storage, and organization of documents for your business through the implementation of Odoo DMS. A robust Document Management System is crucial for efficient operations and enables all teams, regardless of location, to enhance their performance quickly. Odoo Documents software grants employees a centralized access point for timely information and enables sorting, filtering, and grouping based on various parameters.


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