Hassle-free Recruitment Experience
Monitor Vacancies with Odoo Recruitment App
Systematize Your Vacancies and Job Applications

Develop a Job Board, Advertise Job Listings, and Easily Track the Number of Applications Received. Ensure Consistent Follow-ups with Every Applicant and Build a Detailed Database of Skills and Profiles, including Indexed Documents for Easy Reference.

Analyze Optimal Job Placement Channels with Odoo App

Implement Automatic Email Address Allocation for Every Job Offer, Directing Applications to the Right Recipients.

Guarantee Swift Responses to Applicant Correspondence via Email or Online Forms using Predefined Templates or Customized Messages. Automatically Index and Systematize All Data, including Resumes and Personal Details.

Personalize the Recruitment Journey with Odoo App

Clearly Define Each Interview Stage and Allotted Interviewers. Utilize the Kanban View to Customize the Phases in Your Recruitment Process: Pre-screening, First Interview, Subsequent Interview, Negotiation, and Other Steps. Access Detailed Statistics on Your Recruitment Funnel. Employ Reports to Compare the Effectiveness of Postings on Different External Job Boards and Adapt Your Strategy and Recruitment Plan Swiftly in Response to Results.

Coordinated Documents

Implement Your Own Document Management Framework

  • Set Up Job Positions and Announce Them
  • Obtain the First Batch of Applications
  • Spot Filled-out Documents in the Documents Module