Provide exceptional customer service with agile Odoo Helpdesk.
Enhance customer satisfaction scores by quickly resolving tickets via the Odoo Ticketing System.

Simplify ticket submission instantly with the Odoo Ticketing System.

Utilize Odoo Helpdesk as the ultimate support ticket system for your website, ensuring smooth operations from a unified location. At Technians, we provide the effective Odoo Helpdesk module, allowing you to offer 24/7 support to your existing customers and fostering interaction with potential clients for their inquiries and feedback.

Explore Odoo Helpdesk Management Software for Friendly UI and Faster Ticket Resolutions

Monitor, organize, and resolve customer tickets.

The powerful kanban view provides flexibility in arranging your tickets.

Obtain a holistic view of your team’s tasks and oversee the status of tickets according to your customized SLA criteria.

The pre-built Odoo Helpdesk Module accommodates multiple channels.

  • Email –  Configure new incoming emails to generate tickets automatically.
  • Website Form –  Establish a personalized website form to evaluate your customers’ inquiries.
  • Live Chat –  Promptly interact with visitors through the Live Chat feature on your website.

Optimize efficiency through SLAs, automation, templates, and canned responses.

  • Define your SLA rules to enable Odoo Helpdesk to take automatic actions.
  • Configure automated responses at various stages of ticket resolution.
  • Use dynamic email templates to automate most usual responses.
  • Elevate tickets instantly with a single click.
  • Invite experts to join a live discussion.
  • Craft canned responses for immediate use in live chat.

Offer support contracts to customers.

Seamlessly offer helpdesk services to customers by selling support contracts automatically. Utilize the timesheet app to monitor time spent on each contract and intuitively upsell with time-limited contract options. Configure alerts for your sales or helpdesk team based on customer status.

Empower customers to resolve and close their own tickets.

Prevent misunderstandings, minimize errors, and allocate more time for Helpdesk Teams to concentrate on critical tasks.

Deliver more sophisticated self-help options.

Link your FAQs, training videos, and presentations directly to a ticket and build your self-service platform. Cultivate a product community with the forum feature.

What sets Technians apart for Odoo Helpdesk services?

Technians, as the trusted official partner of Odoo, provides a comprehensive selection of Odoo’s software applications to expedite the growth of your business.

We offer dedicated assistance for the implementation, customization, and resolution of issues related to Odoo Helpdesk. The fully customizable and flexible Odoo Helpdesk app includes all the necessary features to establish a service desk, technical support team, and issue ticket system, with service requests efficiently managed within the Odoo backend. Customers and administrators receive support tickets via email, and customers can conveniently track the status of their submitted tickets on the website portal.

For any inquiries regarding Odoo or the implementation of new apps with Odoo, please feel free to reach out.

Feel free to contact us immediately