Expand Your Business with Smart Procurement
Easily Handle Suppliers and Purchase Orders via Odoo Purchase

Upgrade the Performance of Your Inventory and Supply Chain

Simplify and expedite purchase order placement with the Odoo Purchase app. Technians provides a complete software solution catering to various purchasing activities, covering aspects such as supplier management, invoicing, supply chain management, product variation tracking, real-time stock updates, and product quality inspections. Trust our team of experts to support you during the installation process, streamlining purchase procedures and enhancing administrative efficiency.

Automated Efficiency With Odoo Purchase

Streamline the analysis of stock levels and automate the request for quotes from your suppliers. Choose from various replenishment methods for each product, depending on your specific manufacturing and delivery plans. Enhance the performance of your purchase and inventory management with customized procurement rules considering stock levels, logistics, and sales orders.

Item Inventory & Supplier Price Sheets

Effortlessly import and assess suppliers' price lists, comparing them based on promotions, quantities, and special contract terms, allowing you to make intelligent purchasing decisions. Monitor product availability across multiple vendor stocks and keep a close watch on your order status directly within the application. Use your supplier's pricing as a reference point for determining your own selling prices.

Access the best deals through purchase tenders.

Negotiate with multiple vendors and secure advantageous prices by selecting the most favorable deals. With Odoo Purchase, you can initiate purchase tenders, consolidate responses from vendors, and compare different proposals. Utilize comprehensive reports to assess the performance of your vendors. Additionally, leverage the option to procure goods from a supplier at a negotiated price, periodically, through a blanket order agreement.

Procurement Data Insights

Efficiently strategize your orders with accurate forecasts and comprehensive analysis. Gain detailed insights into your suppliers' performance through adaptable reporting, covering delivery delays, negotiated price discounts, purchased quantities, and more. Evaluate the profitability of your contracts by integrating purchases with analytic accounting.

Multiple companies management

Streamline your order planning with precise forecasting and detailed analysis. Obtain comprehensive statistics on supplier performance through flexible reporting, encompassing data on delivery delays, negotiated price discounts, and purchased quantities. Analyze contract profitability by integrating procurement data with analytic accounting.

Why Opt for Technians in Odoo Purchase?

Leveraging its status as an official Odoo partner, Technians provides an extensive collection of Odoo apps, designed to address various business demands and streamline operational workflows.

Propel your business forward with the assistance of Technians, ensuring a smooth transition to Odoo Purchase. Benefit from the advanced features of this comprehensive Odoo app, empowering you to enhance purchasing efficiency, streamline inventory planning, and effortlessly manage purchase orders and inventory.

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