Ensure the success of your on-site and digital events.
Ensure flawless event planning and execution by employing Odoo's Event Management Software.
Coordinate, publicize, drive, and trade with ease in a few taps.

Promote a cooperative environment and uncover fresh avenues by orchestrating a range of business events. Odoo’s automated Event Management system simplifies the coordination of all events within your organization, making the entire process significantly more convenient. At Technians, we are committed to assist you with the seamless integration of the Odoo Event module, thereby alleviating the workload associated with event planning and execution.

Enhance customer engagement using Odoo's E-mail Marketing application.

From small-scale gatherings to large-scale events, the Odoo event management software is a complete solution capable of handling various types of events. With its array of features, Odoo Events efficiently manages the responsibilities of event planners, encompassing event organization, ticket sales, and the enhancement of visibility and promotional efforts.

  • Courses
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Expo
  • Summits
  • Cyber lectures
  • Carnivals

Employ Odoo Events Features to ensure successful hosting.

Conduct interactive events while effectively managing speakers.

Empower your visitors to nominate speakers and submit talks through an integrated presenter proposal form on your event page. Simplify the validation process for every event or presentation by effectively organizing and scheduling, and benefit from the Gantt view option for a comprehensive and visual representation of the schedule.

Display your event’s schedule automatically on your website with an attractive design, allowing visitors to easily explore and browse the agenda. Incorporate a user-friendly search feature and streamlined filtering by location, tags, date, and speakers, enabling quick access to specific events.

Arrange your database entries in an efficient manner.

Streamline event registration and online ticket sales effortlessly while on the move. Choose to either publicize a free event or have attendees acquire tickets directly through the event page. Customize the payment mode, allowing for customer invoicing or online credit card transactions. Specify terms such as early-bird discounts, member perks, or various ticket levels. With the comprehensive capabilities of the Odoo Event module, you can easily increase event attendance and manage guest lists efficiently, all within a single, user-friendly platform.

Garner sponsors to invest in your events.

Easily handle both new and existing sponsors using the Odoo Events Management System. Draw sponsors to your events and prominently present them on all event pages, categorized by the level of sponsorship they have chosen. Utilize Odoo apps, including Odoo eCommerce, for streamlined online event sponsorship sales.

A Full Suite of Promotional Tools

Segment your audience and employ social media and email marketing to publicize your events to specific target groups. Ensure attendee engagement by developing automated email campaigns, sending personalized text messages, and tailoring content for distinct audience segments. Establish customized landing pages for diverse marketing campaigns and optimize conversion rates.

SEO Integration

Utilize Odoo's out-of-the-box SEO tools that require no configuration, utilizing suggested keywords based on Google search volume. Maximize these tools to meticulously organize your content and boost the visibility of your events.

Integrate Google Analytics effortlessly.

Odoo's integration with Google Analytics is auto-configured to monitor all types of events via online cart and checkout, call-to-actions and more. Also, every marketing tool is linked with Google Analytics to present you with a total overview of your business.

Cutting-edge components

Achieve total oversight of all elements of your email marketing strategies.

Seamless integration of Odoo Events with existing systems

Leveraging its status as your licensed Odoo partner, Technians presents a broad spectrum of Odoo software solutions tailored to optimize your business performance.

Through the integration of the Odoo Event Management Module, Technians facilitate the streamlining and automation of event management, irrespective of event size. The comprehensive features of the Odoo Event module cover all aspects from program planning and accommodation arrangements to ticket sales and sponsor acquisition, ensuring effortless and efficient event organization.


Choose the Odoo Events App to expertly manage and orchestrate business events, ensuring their significant triumph.

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