Effective Sales Strategies with Odoo
Better Customer Engagement with Odoo Sales Software

Make use of Odoo Sales to effortlessly generate thorough and comprehensive quotations for your prospective clients, including detailed descriptions, pertinent images, and additional information through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Technians incorporates industry-leading practices to enhance your business’s visibility. With extensive experience in internal audit and management consulting, we execute the implementation of the Odoo sales tool in a systematic manner, ensuring optimal advantages for our valued customers.

Regulate Your Expansion with Odoo Sales

Rationalized Order Processing

Effortlessly convert business quotations into sales orders using Odoo Sales, accessible with just a single click. Manage order editing, modifications, and shipments with ease. Enjoy the convenience of automated invoice generation for ordered and delivered products, including comprehensive details on timing, quantities, and materials. Seamlessly track the order flow through the intuitive tracking capabilities offered by Odoo Sales.

Improve Customer Outreach Efforts

Simplify your business management with an integrated communication solution. Effortlessly link your emails to customer orders through the Odoo Sales tool. Technians offer expertise in crafting tailored email templates for products, enabling the seamless communication of vital information to your clientele.

Monitor Business Sales with a Dashboard and Portal

Track your business's progress through a unified dashboard. Utilize the intuitive reporting system to gain a comprehensive understanding of your sales activities, performance metrics, and future steps. Easily extract daily reports and draw conclusions to propel your business forward.

Coordinate Product Pricing and Sales Functions

Opt for a customizable attribute to design, implement, and refine your pricing strategy, maximizing revenue potential. Retain comprehensive control over product variants. Effortlessly compute shipping costs and print shipping labels automatically. Rely on Odoo for seamless management of your sales conversions.

Maximize Product Selling with a Modern Interface

Utilize a modern, efficient, and intuitive user interface that seamlessly integrates Sales with CRM. Implement with ease to manage your sales pipeline at each stage. Odoo sales bring essential tabs under one roof for the seamless processing of your orders from qualification to closure. Receive instant notifications to warn or alert your business about any undesirable business activities.

How Odoo Sales Can Benefit Your Business?

  • Keep a Check on Measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Coordinated Invoicing with Sales Orders
  • Lessened Data Entry Work
  • Client Access Point providing visibility into your business quotations, sales orders, and delivery progress.
  • Continuous Tracking and Evaluation of Orders and Invoices
  • Pricelists Compute the Precise Product Rates

Technians have a remarkable industry track record, with our team dedicated to crafting the best strategy for implementing the Odoo Sales tool. Our prime focus is on taking your business to the next level and securing a prominent place in the market.

Tech Simplified for Enhanced Sales Performance

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