Promptly Review Employee Performance and Develop Appraisals
Streamline Employee Performance with Odoo Appraisal Software
Synchronized Employee Appraisals using Odoo Appraisal App

Foster a Culture of Support by Conducting Periodic Employee Performance Reviews. Routinely Evaluate Your Human Resources to Offer Benefits for Your Employees and Your Company, regardless of Company Size.

Seamless Supervision

Easily Monitor Appraisal Progress for Individual Employees or the Entire Organization

Evident Calendar Outlook

Keep Tabs on Upcoming Appraisals and Send Reminders to Respondents

Solutions Available for Export

Transform Each Performance Review into a Printable PDF

Simplify the Assessment Process using Odoo Appraisal App

Assure Evaluation Compliance with the Schedule by Formulating Assessment Plans with a Well-Structured Schedule for Automated Interview Requests. Specify Employees, Departments, or Hierarchical Levels Responsible for Providing Survey Responses, and Enable Managers to Review Content and Finalize Evaluation Results.

Build Your Individualized Survey

Employ Templates or Customize Your Own Survey Formats. Pose Targeted Queries to Collect Valuable Input. Develop Tailored Surveys to Gather Crucial Information and Perspectives from Your Resources. Easily Add Questions, Edit Pages, and Draft Comprehensive Surveys using Built-in Templates or Personalized Designs. Convert Existing Surveys into Templates for Future Use and Adaptations. Seek Reviews on Survey Content: Encourage Input from Managers and Colleagues, Permitting Comments for Final Survey Refinements. Create Multiple Surveys for Each Evaluation Phase and for Various Recipients.

Develop the Perfect Appraisal Strategy

Ask the Right Questions to Collect Informative Data. Obtain Employee Responses by Developing Surveys with Appropriate Queries. Customize Your Templates or Choose from the Existing Library. Handle Different Assessment Types: Bottom-Up, Top-Down, Self-Evaluations, and Final Evaluations by Managers. Empower Employees to Prepare Evaluations for Subordinates, Juniors, and Superiors.

Why opt for Technians when considering the Odoo Appraisal App?

Technians, a reputable partner of Odoo, supplies an extensive range of Odoo’s business applications, contributing to the expansion and accomplishment of your company.

Trust our reliable assistance for Odoo HR Management integration. Our inclusive solution integrates key modules such as Odoo HR Payroll, Odoo Appraisals, and the Odoo Recruitment System, all aimed at enhancing and streamlining HR operations.

The HR team effectively coordinates employee leaves with the time off module, maintains consistency in the appraisal process, and manages customized recruitment effortlessly, showcasing exceptional prowess in all operations.

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